Confirmed special infected for l4d3 ~exclusive first look~


It’s like the spitter, but spits up.

reverse jockey

I wonder what he does.

no sleep 2012

It probably just…dicks around?

Semen mortar special infected.

I’m gonna be the first one to say that the editing is very good, great work however strange it is.

Oh man I just can’t stop laughing, good call sir.

Daww, look how happy it looks!
Hmm, looks a lil too friendly…

More like Left for Head

High-Def dick.

That’s what it wants you to think. Next thing you know a giant phallus is eviscerating you.

I see someone put those Postal 3 models to ‘good’ use.

Suddenly Zoey’s “What a dick” line has a new meaning.

~the cock~