Confirmed: This is Generic.

Just posed this to test some models. I think it looks good.
Editing a tad sloppy because i’m experamenting with different techniques and shit.

Yes it is. Beside that, isolate before you shade.

Lighting is pretty good.
And he looks nice, I don’t see any major clipping either.

Nice job

This is the most generic pose i can imagine.

Nah, I get the feeling it would be more generic in a desert.


I did stuff from your tutorial on this :smiley:

I dont get it

You missed a spot.


Don’t forget to keep an eye on those pesky edges. It can be hard to spot the edgebleed sometimes.

Noted, thanks.

I like da shadow! :tiphat:

Shadow is nice but as usual it’s all pointy around the shoes, try and pay more attention to a smoooooooooooth isolation


The shading behind his leg shouldn’t be there because light is coming behind him.