Inspired by this.

click for full.

Posing needs work, editing is good.

Any specific posing problems? I’m still rusty from a year of no gmod.

I love your style; I have since before I registered a forum account to actually post. I don’t have any opinions on anything in it, other than praise. Despite being rather short (which I suppose was the point), the plot flowed together quite nicely.

Things like this… they are why I fell in love with you my friend.

Oh shit that sounds so gay, quick talk about engines and beer and stuff.

Well i understand your point now, i have actually started to work on a story now and should hopefully further my comic skills. Thanks for the help dude, good comic as well, clean, smooth editing. NICE!

Hey mad, you see that gay workin’ on your engine? Hand me 'nother beer would ya?

Good comics come from a good story.

I look forward to seeing better comics from you, Riot!

I had such a fitting music on. Haha,

I find it hard to believe that your inspiration actually inspired anything. Does that make sense?


I like the style and way it is narrated. Posing needs some work though, like the panel where he is holding the gun before he fires. Nice work overall though!