Confused about Func_Detail and optmization

Now, I know how and when to use func_detail, I know what it does, and why I need it. My question is:

What is more optimized? Say you have a group of 5 brushes, is it better to individually func_detail each of them, or is it better to make the whole group a func_detail? For example, you have a door frame, made of 3 brushes. Is it better to group them together as one func_detail or is it better to have each brush its own func_detail?

Doesn’t matter, but I would go with group func_detailing.
Faster. Oh and I think it counts as 1 entitie if you func_detail them in group, when each brush seperetly will count as each entitie.

No, func_details don’t count as entities in the final compile. In fact, all of the solids turned into func_details just become detail solids. For evidence of this, compile your map with multi-solid func_details, then decompile it with VMEX. Each func_detail solid will be individually func_detailed.

I do func_detail on each part then group them all.

When you func_detail brushes, they group together automatically.

When I look at them in the grid there is only one thing saying func_detail. When I do as I say. I see func_detail on each brush in the grid. Grouped afterwards.

Holy jesus just select brushes that are near each other and group them, So that it’s not a map of big bunch of 1 grouped func_detailed objects. But that there is a seperate little groups.

I do not have a big map of func_detailed brushes. Only the road with lights in and such.

That’s because there’s no backface culling on func_details, all the faces are rendered unless you apply a nodraw texture to it. So when VMEX looks at func_details, it says - oh here’s a solid, it must be it’s own entity. One of the few things that makes the VBSP file format so hard to decompile.