Confused, how really vac works?

okay!!! im kinda confused, VAC bans you if you have a cheat in your pc or if you use it? i see many different versions of opinions like

-whining whinging why im banned?:’(
-Because you had a cheat in your computer blah blah!!!

and this

-whining whinging why im banned?:’(
-Because you USED a cheat

so which one of those things are true? both? the first or the second one?
and if i have minimized rust and i wanna open google chrome with it im gonna get banned? just because i had it on the backround? or it doesnt bans you except if you open rust with it?

If you use a cheat in a VAC secured server. Having a cheat on your desktop or some place where it isn’t running and modifying the game won’t do anything.

And no, you’re not going to get banned for opening chrome. If you don’t cheat, you don’t really have to worry about getting banned.

If you have any kind of injectable file embedded into your rust.exe or any of the binary files, you will be banned by VAC. Doesn’t matter if you use the cheats or not, if they’re there in your game files, you will be banned.

How hard is it to Google?

Valve’s own article about VAC. If it detects cheats, you will be banned, and you will not be unbanned.

what u mean game files? O.o

Make an educated guess.



the thing the game uses to make itself work

If you are just looking at harmless webpages like YouTube or Facepunch or whatever, Rust and VAC will not care.

If you are running injectors that attach to Rust or games in general, or you have modified Rust’s data files, you’re going to get banned permanently.

Kinda both?

VAC watches for things that modify memory locations, looks for program signatures, watches for programs sniffing packets, and watches for injections.

It doesn’t scan you pc for installed cheats, but it does check if cheats are running.

Now this is how we end up with programs like EAC. VAC can not (well, really just won’t) scan programs running in ring 0, but EAC can.

Chrome will not trigger a VAC ban, as it isn’t altering memory locations, sniffing packets, or injecting DLLS. so you should be ok.

Why don’t we just say “don’t download cheats” and leave it at that?

Obviously opening background programs won’t cause a ban, you can still use your computer normally. Just as long as “using your computer normally” doesn’t mean cheating then you should be perfectly safe.

Whether you “use” a cheat or not, I believe VAC will catch any variance between the files actually in your Rust directory and the files that should be in your Rust directory. If you’ve installed a cheat, it may change those files and you’re going to get VAC banned whether you use the cheat or or not. Just the presence of the altered Rust files will be detected and result in a ban. VAC doesn’t care if you actually used the cheat, it cares if you installed the cheat.

I’ve also seen a number of people complaining of a second VAC ban after they uninstalled the cheat. You would have to delete and reinstall Rust (at a minimum) to make sure that didn’t happen.

VAC will ban you if it detects a 3rd party program modifying the game’s memory while its running

Sounds like someone has cheat programs on his pc and is wondering if he can be banned for them.

You only have to do one thing in order to not get VAC banned. DON’T MODIFY YOUR GAME! Its not that hard!

sounds like someone needs special explanation via PM to understand a simple question in a simple thread cause he didnt understand a shit… LeL

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you all for ur information!!! very helpful D: appreciate it! <3

I don’t think you’re qualified to comment on a persons intelligence.

no one is qualified to comment a persons intelligence. ^^

Logically speaking, the only way VAC would ban is if it detects modified game files in your steam folder, if you’re running programs that inject files into steam and so on.

If you have a cheat for a non steam game, let’s say crossfire for example, it won’t scan your computer and ban you, it doesn’t work that way.

If you don’t have cheats and if you don’t use cheats you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Well most hack clients are just standalone programs that inject into the game while its running. You don’t “install” anything and the program itself would not even be stored in the same directory as rust. Vac does not scan you’re computer for these programs. It will detect changes made to the game while running