Confused roleplayer

I quit GMOD RP after I saw Dark RP release and servers flowing in that use it. I have been role-playing for almost 10 years. I have ran huge community’s that are now dead after many years such as home of 10,000 members, TAV-Clan, home of 100+ members, many many other community’s. I can role-play anything, I can manage any type of community, administrate any forum.

Sorry for the waste of time if you read that.

Time to get down to business of what this thread is about.

I want to know what is a GOOD non-darkrp server I should come on?


Please post here or pm me with your community or suggestion please. If I find one that is worth coming back I will dedicate 15 hours a day to playing on the server, I really do not wanna go on a Dark RP server so please don’t advertise it unless its modded out the ass.

I also quit Gmod RP quite a time ago, someting after the DarkRP was launched and minges took over Gmod. I sometimes think of coming back but…

Well, anyway, try Taco n Banana. I played there once, but I tought it was too boring/limited, but it’s just me, there’s some good RP going on there, sometimes.

Havoc-Gamers new stalker gamemode comes out soon, Scripts almost done. Might want to check us out, look at our thread in the roleplaying section.

Eh, it depends what you’re in for.

You played the HL2 games? Ever wanted to join the action but with your own character? Try out HL2RP, TnB (Taco and Banana) have a few HL2RP servers up, and there’s others floating around all over the place. Shamelessly mentioning my own server, Hostell Roleplay, we’re also a HL2RP server.

Past that, there’s servers that offer immersion into other canonised gamemodes from a ton of other games. There’s FalloutMod (which is in beta I believe and being coded by one guy now that the original developer left, but it’s still beautiful) which isn’t EXACTLY like Fallout 1, 2 or 3 but it has a lot of the same aspects, really addictive if you have a great bunch of roleplayers with you.

There’s a few S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Roleplaying servers out there that I’ve seen around. Never checked them out because I’ve never played S.T.A.L.K.E.R. before so I don’t want to be shitty.

There’s also just regular ol’ Real Life Roleplay servers, they’re abundant and yes MOST of them are DarkRP, but not all of them. Try find some ones running a modified Cider or CakeScript, they’re generally the best I find.

There’s a few others I can’t exactly describe or feel like describing right now, but they’re usually renamed DarkRPs anyway.

On that note though: You people need to stop automatically shutting down DarkRP. That gamemode is not a bad thing. The bad things involved are minges, idiots who can’t roleplay and the ability for minges to be exclusively retarded. DarkRP (like any other gamemode for RP) can be just as good as Tacoscript or Cakescript or Cider script. The gamemode does not make the Roleplay, the people involved make the Roleplay. The gamemode just helps… a lot. But still, you could roleplay effectively on sandbox, you just need to be creative.


Hope I’ve helped a little at least. But you should let us know what kind of roleplay you’re after first then maybe we can point you more in the right direction.

DarkRP is like a fad. A fad that is for little kids. For older user’s I suggest servers like

PERP Serious
STALKER RP - any one
HL2RP -though it dumb at times.

Wtf? The gamemode that people play on has nothing to do with how old they are or how old anybody else is. I don’t even USE DarkRP but I’m sick of people constantly stereotyping and saying it’s shitty, it doesn’t make any fucking sense.

It’s not stereotyping if it’s true.


Congratulations, you just made the most retarded post of 2009! You are a winne- wait scratch that. You are an absolute cock.

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BTW Your the retard everyone knows the only reason Dark RP is so popular is because of little kids. Garry’s makes his cash off of people(kids) like you.

I’m waiting to get rightly banned for trolling your ass. That’s one of the good thing that will come out of this.

I’m the kid, yet you speak with a limited amount of control over the English language AND you’re so narrow minded about quite a nicely scripted gamemode. Also, I think you have the wrong definition of a troll there, mate.

Garry makes his cash off of everyone that buys the game, and I really doubt that many people BUY IT FOR DARKRP EXCLUSIVELY! Seeing as that’s usually something people discover later once they’ve bought the game. DarkRP is popular because it’s easy to use and readily available. I agree, LOTS of servers running it are shitty, and the people who play there are shitty. But that doesn’t mean every server running it is shitty. Anybody with that sort of logic is retarded (case in point: you).

This is the internet I don’t have o use grammar asshole. Yes! I’m narrow minded because, I only have three game modes in development but your right

Well, I recommend Taco and Banana all the way. Once you get the hang of it, there’s nothing that can stop you from developing an epic storyline.

Well, I enjoy DarkRP… But I only join BuildRP’s = LOVE EM

I join them because they channel of darkrp but you need to build… More fun

You are a complete idiot.


Someones angry because he is in a shit community.

Pulsar Effect Lite RP servers are fun I hear, even though my computer can’t handle those 50 plays on Evocity all the time.

I saw very little RP on it last time I was on it.

This is one if you played Halo.
There is one that is Cakescript it is probly the best rp server ever (just need all the frekin downloads) It is based on the ODST universe about every time I went on people were Rping. ALL THE TIME. when I joined they gave me the ropes they trained me in IC. Then there were so many events. when I joined they had a fire in the base. Then they had a garrison in the town in csdesert. then we had a expidition team explore and ran into covinent squads. This happend all in one day the server IP is75.102.38.52:27015 Highly recommend it.

Same, I tried both servers but they were as bad as a DarkRP server.

** STOP **. Just stop.

The man wanted suggestions on non-DarkRP servers.

Too long have I witnessed these sort of threads descend into this type of discussion. He doesn’t want it, I don’t want it, most other members don’t want it, and I’m sure the mod’s don’t want it either. Just please. Stop


Read the OP. He clearly does not want meaningless discussion on DarkRP, a gamemode which, if used with proper administration is not ‘shit’.