Confused Zombie running trough a destroyed tunnel

Still learning to photoshop.
All I do looks like shit but I cant figure out why. Can somebody tell me why? Thanks.


nice lightning

Well this was unexpected

Looks quite good. Hard to tell though, original for comparison?

Doesn’t look that bad man. Did you edit that hair though or was it part of the model?

really nice
but aren’t zombies always confused?

Uploaded Original

I don’t like blur.

Argh can somebody tell me why the shadows look that dumb?

This looks good, why are you saying that it sucks?

I dont know.
The box rating and there are so less comments.

There’s nothing wrong with the shadows.

He pooped on his shirt there, then wiped it off. Maybe he ate it?

Well good to know theres everything okay with it.
Gonna make something interesting next.