Congrats to garry and the Rust team!

600 Keys sold and 27k so far!!!

(Referring to this check it out

Just wanted to make this thread to say congrats to garry and his team, this is just the begining of rust and I am glad its bringing in some funds!!!

Also there will be no more retarded beta key threads.

I’m more amazed at the people that are paying $200 plus for the game even though with a little patience they could pay at low as 50 I think.


And ALREADY this day two idiots bought at roughly $210.

Will the gravy train ever stop?

Well, I’ve already seen kickstarters getting 2500$ from a single person without even having the game playable.

Yeah I don’t understand what people are doing with that much money laying around, I assume they are small companies or something but I guess you never know

Just looked at the key buy page and two people have ALREADY bought and the price hasn’t even dropped below $200…

I literally just posted this.

Haha my bad i didnt see it when i posted mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s Genius really, because they know some people are going to buy the keys even when it’s real expensive. If they did what most people would of expected them too, which is sell the keys at $20 and have them limited to 100 a day still, they would of only made roughly $12000 so far…

Exploiting desperation and stupidity.

I could cry from joy.

Hey, as long as they’re getting more for the project, I could care less. And I’m sure all the ‘desperete’ people are rich little kids who want the game right away, or people who can afford to buy the game for 250, and want to help the devs out a bit. And the stupid people are just… stupid.

I paid $33 for mine. I support the devs, and don’t bankrupt myself lmao.