Congrats! You unlocked the Charger Achievements.

“Scattering Ram”

“Long Distance Carrier”

“Meat Tenderizer” [Right click and view image for full view]

Very good.

Fuck you with your working L4D zombies :saddowns:

I have so many good ideas, but zombies crash my game D:

Fantastic posing, faceposing and editing. Great use of lamps and lights. Splendid work. It’s good to have you back, sir.

It’s good to be back. Thanks!

Very well executed.

Seriously impressive stuff. The lighting, posing, and editing is all excellent. I especially love the second picture in the last little series of pics.

The *only *thing that bugs me is Zoey’s faceposing in the last pic. She just looks annoyed.

Excellent, like an exquisite meal from the world’s best chef for the eyes!

…Okay that was a little much but these really are fantastic.

I love the lighting on “Meat Tenderizer”


Looks so cinematic and awesome

Man where the HELL have you been?
Great to see some of your work again.

Fantastic posing and editing. Amazing work man, I can’t wait to see more of it.

Holy fucking shit, these are amazing.

The unedited screenshots are already amazing. I’m impressed. Very well played.

nice posing and editing
I like your tracers

I like that second one. Not sure what you do with lighting but it always looks sexy.

The last one looks like a game cinematic (that’s a positive comment FYI).

Very, very nice, all of them!

haha me too

Actually, I was going for that expression. Like, ‘Get the hell off me already!’

Nowhere really. Just biding my time.

And thanks to all who have commented! Glad this turned out okay.