Conjoint Gaming l Custom Trouble In Terrorist Town

Our TTT server is extremely customized. We have added a large number of useful traitor and detective items, along with a completely new Derma skin and a revamp of every default icon. We have extremely active admins and sometimes have 5 on at one time. Custom items include: Semtex Grenade, Headcrab Artillery, Galil, P228, FAMAS, Frenchy (Assualt Shotgun), Mp5, Pain Station Bomb, Flashbang, purchasable M4 silencer, and a balanced Golden Gun.

Here is a screenshot of some of our icons.

We are getting a new map voting system soon along with even more custom weapons. Download the content here to save time, however we do have a working FastDL.

NICE!!! IM hella joining this! Ive always wanted silenced guns for when im a traitor. dont you think the name resembles convict ?:smiley:


Looks decent, nice player count too

Looking good, will join soon.