Conker from Conker's Bad Fur Day (Live and Reloaded)

I’ve been waiting now years for it but it seems like no one is going to do it.
All we have, or all I know, is him. The Nintendo 64 Conker.

But I’d really like to have the “new” model of him.
It would also be cool if you would/could rip some other ragdolls and objects from the game.

I want this too! Also bump :3

It would be pretty cool actually, but his tail is gonna look like utter shit in Source.

Wasn’t that on N64?
Wouldn’t ANYTHING from N64 look bad in Source?

They did a remake for the Xbox.

Live and Reloaded was a “direct port” of the original N64 game to the Xbox, along with huge graphical updates. The image in the OP is Conker from the N64 version ported in to Gmod. He wants Conker from the remake, which looks like this:

Unless someone codes a fur shader in to Source, it will look pretty terrible. You could probably remove the “fur layers” but then he would look really matte and bland, but I think that’s the best you can do. It would certainly be a step up from the N64 port.

To be honest I’d love to see some ports from this game as well, but that requires someone with the know how, and I’m not certain if it’s possible to port from this game to begin with.

I don’t think he’ll look that bad if he’s ported from the Xbox version. He’d really look no worse than Berri’s model from that game, which I also want. It’ll still look good even without the fur.


I have this for xbox and I can extract the models from it, but I need a converter.

What file type are the models ripped as?

They are .rbm files.