Conker: Live and Reloaded ragdolls.

For a machinima I’m making, I wanted some HD Conker Live and Reloaded models. Not those ugly BFD models. There has been topics before for some models of this game but nobody every bothered to make them. The most recent topic asking for Conker L&R models was in 2011. Back then, people said there needed to have a fur shader for Source to make porting Conker and a few other characters possible. It’s 2013, GMOD 13 out with more things we can do. So somebody might finally make the fur shader and port the ragdolls.

Example of some models I would like to be ported.

Conker (obviously):


I would like the models of her in a suit aswell.



And a few more characters, like the money, the Great Mighty Poo, paintbrush, etc.

Though just add the most remembered characters, not all of them.

first off whoever said you need a fur shader is wrong… it uses shell texturing which is just layered alphas, second its not possible to get these models since there was never any tools, sad cause I want them too.

One less thing to worry about :dance:

One more thing to worry about, shit. But Conker L&R works on the 360 when you put the original XBOX disc in the 360, maybe you can copy the files of L&R when its on the 360, put them into a program that ports 360 stuff, and it might work. I don’t know, not a modeling king or anything.

doesnt really work like that, and as people on xentax have stated about the format, its a unknown compression, no way of getting into it unless someone uses a modded xbox and some other programs, which doubtful they will since they havent in the last 5 years.