Conkers Bad fur day Ragdolls

We need more conkers bad fur day ragdolls like the squirrel soldiers and the Tediz if some one could rip and rig the models and post them on I would be thankful

I Say nay! - more or less wen need less furry ragdolls on g mod,

wtf your avatar is friggen renamon btw renamon sucks and your goin on abaout less furry ragdolss !?! and have you even played the game

Wasn’t the remake of Conker’s Bad Furday a PS3 exclusive?

I don’t know what the word on the street is about ripping models from N64 games.

YUP , BTW renamon is a digimon tyvm, in facctt good day sir =D

The remake of Conker’s Bad Fur Day was on the Xbox, actually.

the characters from n64 are better like the soldiers

Will Berri ever be made?


Your pathetic. Even though the game consists of all characters being animals, it doesn’t mean they’re furries.

Stop posting, if you don’t know what your talking about.

LOL, its like he thinks porting from Sonic the Hedgehog would only bring “furry” models since all the characters are animals.

It can be done, there is a Conker’s bad fur day available for the PC, though You download it, it works though

I agree with this. Berri is so cute.

Plus imagine the possibilities.

Berri is delicious
I eat your Berri

Are you talking about emulating the N64 game? There’s already a port of Conker from the N64 version. The Mighty Poo was ported as well. One of the emulators supports 3D Ripper DX but you need to use a DX9 video plugin with the emulator. You could just go that route if you wanted Berri and any other characters.

PS: The remake is indeed an Xbox 360 exclusive since Microsoft bought out Rare (those bastards).

Actually its just an Xbox game, not 360. Although it is compatible to play on the 360.


For some reason I forgot it was for the original Xbox even though I own it…

mainly i want the squirrel soldier and neo conker and conker with an army helmet as ragdolls and the weapons as models is there any one who will do that if any one wants to get other models you can put in more conkers bad fur day things

Same here, it was released so close to the release of the 360 I just put em together.

i agree 100% with this request, the least i would want is the teddiez and berri