Conna hacking me?

Well I’m sure most of you are aware that Conna has a virus. And I know that’s true for a fact, since it was one of the first GMod servers I joined and I got a virus from it, but nothing that effected me really bad. What would happen is you would jump about 10 times then explode. It was a lua. But, this kid called “Master of Puppets”, knows Conna in real life. I pissed Puppets off at a serious RP server because I “foiled” a plan for him to be dictator. Then he pretty much started hating on me. My other friend, who’s name I wont mention, told me that Puppets is hiring Conna to hack me. My friend says this because he knows Puppets in real life. Puppets is twelve, so he might be a little bullshitter, but still, I’ve had Conna lua’s get me in trouble before. Do you guys think I should be worried about this? :C I’d also like to add that Conna is now fat, because those are old pictures.

Sorry if this sounds like a troll or flame post, but I really need some input if I need to remedy the situation. Thanks and sorry for any bad grammar.

And how can lua be a virus? Im not so good at that stuff but i dont think a lua gives you a virus.

It’s not that hard. Atleast the name was “DELETEME”. And if anybody knew about this, they know it was a big thing for about a day or two.

Edit: It’s to infect your GMod. Not anything else in your computer.

Who is Conna even?

Conna couldn’t hack his way out of a paper bag.

Some 15 year old lua scripter. I have a few of his tools.

Yeah, his tool pack is pretty common, but as far as I know he quit lua, and you can’t exactly hack anything with lua, because it’s not even allowed to write files outside of /garrysmod/.

If Conna wants to, he will. But yeah, someone asking him to do it won’t make him want to. You need to actually piss him off before he’ll do that.

It’s not about luas. He’s supposively a “leet” hacker. Sounds like bullshit though since he’s fifteen.

Conna can’t hack at all.

Hopefully he can’t.

Alot of people claim to know hackers and don’t so.

I know, but the other guy I mentioned also (I think) knows Conna. I wont worry about it and if he does maybe I can find him.

Wow, he doesn’t look like a stoned chav anymore.

master of puppets goes on gmod tower. everyday, every hour.

Looks like he lost some weight. I probaly wont worry about this. Thanks for the input guys.

Yes, I do go on gmod tower every day, and nearly every hour (I don’t really care, it’s my choice of action) but I’m not the puppets he’s talking about. I know no one by the name Conna. Sorry, but there is more than one Master of Puppets on steam you know.