Conna tools help

when ever i use the sensor, comand box, fan, perimiter turrent, presure pad, toggle hoverball and timer i get an error entities\base_gmodentity\shared.lua:43: attempt to call method ‘SetVar’ (a nil value)
i hav a feeling its because i installed the addon wrong but it is in

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\username\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons
*username being my username

ii cudnt find a thread mentioning this error in conjuction with conna’s tools im pritty sure g-mod is upo to date becuz i bought and download it yesterday 13 feb 2010

Please reply with any other information you need or an answer to my problem thanks

i dunno how to change title but *SOLVED


Conna’s tools are buggy and unsupported. You’d be better off removing them.

can u suggests any other sensor tool or any tool in general and thanks for replying

Try Wiremod. That has a ton of useful tools like that. It takes practice though, so be patient and read the tutorials on the Gmod wiki.

ok thx

To install Wiremod, use SVN. SVN Tutorial:

thankyou divran

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