Connect/Disconnect System

How i can change the Textcolor?

PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTTALK,  "[IG]Spieler "["name"].." ("["networkid"]..") betretet den Server!" ) 

PS:Its an German Script!

You can’t change the text colour of PrintMessage: you’ll have to [del]network it and[/del] call chat.AddText. Actually, PlayerConnect/player_connect is shared, so just create the hook clientside.

You can also use

GM:ChatText to handle join/leave messages yourself.

That’s just to remove the default ones

True but you can use chat.AddText in that.

That’s probably not the best place to send it in the case that another addon returns in that hook and doesn’t allow your message to be ran, but it would work in most cases, I suppose.

Ah ye I didn’t think of that. Well then, what code_gs said.