connected to rust but couldnt select rock/torch

so i was checking if the servers were back up an hey ho i connected i found a rock and tried to select my rock (item version) but couldnt select it so i disconnected and now when i try to join it says its failed x ammount of times trying again in 10 seconds btw i know the servers were down all day but im just saying somehow i managed to join anyone else experiencing this?

The server was up for a moment, then it went back down. For the period of time you are in the server after it crashes (until it kicks you out) you can walk around - but can’t do much.

This is a positive sign!

back up but 173 ppl JEZUZ !!!

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but still wont let you select stuff hope this gets fixed only played about half an hour since i bought it but hey its alpha

Try these steps.

  1. Don’t use internet explorer.

  2. Refresh page.

  3. log out from your account and back in. the play.

This works for me.