Connecting 2 Blocks of Water?

Tried this a while ago and just wanted to ask before i waste more time on it. Say i make a lake with an island in the middle, and on that island i want a elevator which goes through the water. I tried this previously and (because i had to cut around the water to get the elevator in, when you got to the edge of one portion of water it didn’t seemlessly blend into the next section.

So is there a way to do this? Split a body of water into several pieces and have them blend in game?

If by that you mean they are mis-aligned then just take out the material tool then alt+right click all the surfaces

When you are underwater, you are seeing the next face. That face will be a nodraw plane, thus will not render an underwater texture.

Your best bet will be to re-jigue the layout so you don’t have to have an elevator through water. Or use some method of simulating the elevator.

Yeah that was my problem :confused: Seems like a massive oversight in the source engine. One of many i guess.

Not really. The source engine was designed around what valve needed it to do. Moving an elevator through water wasn’t one of them.

Just select one face, then alt+rightclick the others. Should work.

Put nodraw on the sides of the water blocks and then alt+rightclick the surfaces? Then tie them all to the same cubemap.

Can you post a picture of exactly the problem you’re having, because I ran two elevator shafts up through water with no problems that I’ve seen.

This will probably work.

To Sirrus, do your elevators actually go underwater? as in the lift is submersed.

There’s no water there- I outlined the bottom of the shaft and cut into the water so that it left a block that I deleted where the walls and the interior of the shaft would rise.

Strange, i did the same and it fucked up on me. Maybe it was just a leak somewhere.

Cheers all for the advise, sure i can solve it with this.

And when you go into the water itself and look at the next brush, that’s where it fucks up.

Make sure everything is textured with the nodraw texture except on the top. Then just carve out a square. (Put a block of the size of the elevator shaft inside the water go to tools > carve) Delete the block. Make the elevator shaft inside the hole you just carved. If you need more holes than one, make the holes manually.

Never. Ever. Carve.

This is a particular case where you can use it without affecting performance whatsoever. It doesn’t matter if it’s one huge block of water and that’s a fact, Like I said don’t carve more than 1 hole in it.

Carving takes just as long as slicing the holes manually if you do the latter a lot, and really, if there are only rare times when carving wouldn’t fuck things up, why even bother with it? Just get used to the thing that almost never fucks anything up.

Stop carving, start clipping.

No, it’s not saving you time, and yes, it is affecting performance.

Well, it would save time on like a door frame. But it still shouldn’t be done.

No it wouldn’t, proper door frames need to to be vertex manipulated to have the ends of each individual brush meet.

The only thing I use Carve for is making cylindrical holes.