Connecting to server...Connection Failed After 4 Retries

Ive been getting that message “Connection Failed After 4 Retries” for every server I try to go to. Before this occured, I had a “Steam Cloud” issue saying that it couldn’t sync with the last time I played GMod. Any Solutions?

And I did check Firewall and Garry’s Mod is on the exceptions list.

What antivirus are you using?

avast!. And I’ve found out it was the server that I created that caused the problem. So now, its my server that’s giving this message.

Are the ports your server is using open on the router?

Yes I have port forwarded the Steam ports for my server. Can you give me the ports again just to double check?


You can also set a custom port, did you just use the default one?

I used the default one(27015).

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Okay so I’ve found out that if I add -ip to the launcher (.bat), I cannot connect. If I don’t do that, people cannot connect.

On the other note, I’ve been playing around with the I.P Addresses and none of them worked. I’ve tried 3 different IPs and most of the IP Addresses keep telling me no ports are available unless I set it to my static IP.