Connecting to server

So when I log in to the website and press play game the game loads fine but when it gets to the area where it says connecting to server it stops and does not give even the the loading bar under neath that connecting bar… I can get in every so often but 90% of the time I can not. I have tried Clearing my cache, restarting, and updating all of my drivers. Anybody know a solution to this problem?

I’m having a similar problem with connection, I constantly get disconnected and then it says you are currently logged in the game on another server? anyone else have this problem or was my account stolen?

Clear your browser cache.

Someone Didn’t read the main post.

Could be a maxed entity limit.

And does that mean there is nothing I can do to fix it?

Server is fixed update minute ago.

Hate to say it but the server being updated did not fix the problem.This is where I get stuck


Image Link:

Reinstall this:

Just run it and let it finish and try to play again. Hopefully that’ll fix your issue. Reply if it has so other people know.

this still did not fix it sadly