"connection attempt failed" Please help..

I just bought the game , I can see all servers but I got this “connection attempt failed” everytime I try to connect. I already checked the firewall.

I dont find any help anywhere.

The F1 bar just says that, “connection attempt failed”

Same problem here…
Ever get it working?
I can’t find help anywhere :frowning:

I’ve got the same problem.

I used to play the hell out of Rust. Then took about a 2 month break. Was itching to play again. I’ve been trying to get on for 3 days. Tried everything I can think of/found on the web… No luck.

There may be servers that have not updated…yet. Some of those servers may be defunct due to subscriptions, etc.

I’ve had this problem across all servers for months now with the Windows client. Linux client on the same PC works fine. Tried everything short of a clean Windows install. Posted about it several times, no useful response at all.

A client/server version mismatch gives an entirely different error message, something about wrong connection protocol.

Going to go ahead and bump this. I have been trying to play with some friends for about a month now and have been having the same issue. I cannot seem to connect to any server, it will load up everything and then just come up empty handed with a “Connection attempt Failed”

I have verified, reinstalled and tried running it in all different graphics levels, nothing seems to be working. If anyone has a solution or some ideas it would sure be appreciated!

Hi, I’m Mexican so excuse my English. I did exactly what you to remedy my problem and nothing you try and actually works, I install steam in another pc and there if I run and let me play what a big disaster it can only be that we have an update, driver pc patch that does not allow us in. other option is format the pc : la entrega:

I did manage to correct this eventually by deleting my config folder from SteamLibrary/SteamApps/common/Rust/cfg , restarting Steam and then Rust. I’m almost sure this is what solved it.

When connecting to an out of date server you will get another warning though.

london dev down after update ! gaaaawwwwddd!!!

this solution did not help me I keep looking but I find nothing, but thanks for answering dustNbone