Connection Banned (WHY?)

I was playing rust in a modded server when I disconnect from him with the following message -> Failed to connect (ConnectionBanned)
I want to know what the hell is this. I dont do anything wrong, I am not using hackers. I swear.

Please someone explain me why this happen.

Post your steam profile, please? Is it a VAC ban, or just a server ban?

Its a server ban. Find on steam -> fudidexosi

I dont know why im banned from the server, I DONT DO ANYTHING WRONG.

Take it up with the admin of the server, he banned for you some reason.

If its just a server ban,don’t fret, you are okay :smile: just find a new one, theres lots to choose from.

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Yes, even better, contact the admin.

Alright. Thank you all guys.

now you only have 3999 servers to choose from…