"Connection failed after 4 retries" Again

Me and my friend played Garry’s Mod once as a test on my Hamachi server and it worked fine the first time. Now when he tries to join it gives him the “Connection failed after 4 retries” error. This has happened before when I had Windows 7 the first time. (I’ve now re-installed Windows 7) I make sure when I go to my server I put “ip” then my Hamachi ip. I also tried to put “sv_lan 0” then the Hamachi ip step one time, but it still didn’t work.

Any ideas? Thanks lots.

This is a problem for some people, most of the time it is easily fixable. Some of the problem sources include:

  1. too many server addons
  2. server is too laggy
  3. (worst case scenario) virus on server {caused by a bad addon or recent download.}

Could be the first one… But I dunno. It worked the first time we tried.