Connection failed after 4 retries

Ok, so a day ago I had a server running completely fine off my other computer. Now today I go on and I’m like shit, I forgot I never set the IP to static and sure enough it had changed. So, I go to get the new one and try adding the server to my favorites and it says it is not responding. Then I use the console to connect and I get connection failed after 4 retries. I then went and changed my IP to static using the same exact 192.168 IP as the other one except the only thing different is the WAN which now nobody can connect to it. Am I forgetting to do something?

192.168.X.XXX IP addresses are Internal Network addresses. I would think you would want an external IP address (which you can find at Also, make sure your ports are properly forwarded.

They are properly forwarded because it was working fine yesterday before my WAN changed. I know that people can’t use the 192.168, what I am saying is after my external IP address or WAN if you want to call it changed, the server isn’t responding and nobody can connect to it.

Bump… Problem is still there.

Fucking bump