Connection Failed After Four Retries, Is there any fix?

This problem is really making me angry.

My friend and I both were able to host listen servers before the update. We BOTH have our ports forwarded, so that isn’t the problem. Our servers show up in the INTERNET TAB. Yet we still get the connection failed after four retries error.

There has to be a fix for this.

I’ll say it again, our ports are forwarded, AND our servers are in the INTERNET tab, we can both see each other’s server. But if anyone tries to join, they get the “Connection Failed After Four Retries,” error.

We both :

Have the orange box.

Have the latest updates to our graphics cards, games, etc.

Have sv_lan set to zero.

Have used heartbeat.

Have Windows Xp, so it isn’t a Vista problem.

Have our ports forwarded.

What we’ve tried :

Reinstalling Garry’s Mod.

Creating a blank listenserver.cfg file (console said it wasn’t loading, and there wasn’t one there)

“Cleaning” Garry’s Mod.

I really want to host, and I really want a fix for this. :frowning:

I have this error too, but noone can seem to find the root of it, and Garry apparently keeps claiming “It’s your ports”.

It worked post update for me, but it stopped working two patchs ago. It’s not the fucking ports. It’s not my new rouder, it worked pre update. And for the people who told me before “It’s your GFX card”, I say this: How the fuck does that matter?

This is starting to piss me off… stupid updates, someone needs to fix this now.

Garry needs to fix this.


Where exactly did you put the Listenserver.cfg file?

The CFG folder.

But we tried it out and it didn’t seem to do anything other than remove the error message from the console.

Using Hamachi won’t help either unfortunately, so I guess we have to wait out this problem.

Eek, this is annoying.


I get the same damn problem! Always used to work before the update.

I get this sometimes, the first time they try to connect, it doesn’t work, but they try to connect again and it works :???:

We need this fixed, soon, Garry. It’s quite irritating.

I wonder if Garry has even seen these posts?

Me too.

Check if you’ve anything that could block the connection here: steam://support/?Issues=Connection*

And make sure that Windows Firewall is turned off, and any other firewall you might have

I allowed outbound and inbound access on my firewall and used hamachi it worked perfectly fine the new update messed it up. It not my computer or router or my friend’s computer or his router either, it is Garrysmod. So someone please fix this or we will end up seeing more stuff like this.

Everyone please stop saying that Garry needs to fix this. Garry has a lot of work to do, and he doesn’t need 5,000 people of the FacePunch community yelling at him about his mistakes, just leave him alone and try to figure out a solution your self other then taking Garry’s time.

And for the Winsock fix, google “Winsock Fix for vista”.

That is the beauty of Gmod 9, Garry doesn’t need to fix or update it because we did not pay for it. But with Gmod 10/11 we all paid ten dollars for a better regularly updated garrysmod. We did all try to fix this, besides isn’t garrysmod Garry’s work.

Yes, it is, that was my point :).

Agreed. If we paid for a game, it should actually work properly.


UDP Ports: Passed
The following UDP ports were reachable.
UDP Port: 27000 - 27040

TCP Ports: Passed
The following TCP ports were reachable.
TCP Port: 27020 - 27040

Background Processes: Passed
There were no processes found that conflict with Steam or the games.

Loaded Modules: Passed
There were no loaded modules found that conflict with Steam or the games.

Services: Passed
There were no services found that conflict with Steam or the games.

Layered Service Providers: Passed
There were no LSPs found that should conflict with Steam or the games.