Connection failed (ConnectionBanne) even though I'm not?

Why is this happening? I get disconnected about once an hour with this error yet I can get back on a bit later. It only happens on that particular server.

You’re banned.
Some people can rejoin a server after beeing banned.

So why does it let me rejoin every so often? I have not done anything wrong to get banned…

I don’t know.
I’ve had friends complaining about getting disconnected (having the banned error), and a few moments later they could reconnect.

Fuck sake now I’m banned from every server I try to connect… I’m not vac banned so I know it’s just a bug. Maybe one of the devs could explain what that lengthy exception error actually means?

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Great, banned from every server wtf is this shit

Link your steam account?

If I give you the IP can you see if it works for you?

It seems a few servers that are normally full have been nearly empty all day. Such as East Coast 2 No PVP.

Still can’t play on ANY server… Some are saying timeout, others are saying banned…

Sure give the IP

I literally JUST bought the alpha access on Steam, and I’m getting the same error on every server I try connecting to. Awesome :confused:

EDIT: *ConnectionFailed, not Banned. Phew.

Try both of these:

Thanks. I’ve just reinstalled Rust and still the same problem, it’s lovely to see the devs helping out on the forums… Not.

Both work for me.

It’s not like they have lives of their own outside of Rust forums or anything…

(Just an FYI, they do help out. But they can’t possibly get to every thread created so try to PM someone if you don’t get a response).

I guess… but it’s just annoying, would be nice to have just 1 active moderator who checks the forums all the time and forwarding certain posts to devs. Obviously Rust is fucked for me and I don’t know why.

It’s alpha. Patience is a virtue.

I get that it’s frustrating but doesn’t it seem reasonable that the devs have bigger fish to fry?
I’m sure they don’t have time to help a few people connect to servers that they have no control over whatsoever.

OK update… I am able to play on the official servers and the modded servers, but only if they’re not in my history tab. Basically if I try to access are community server it says I’m banned.

Modded servers and official servers let me on, but only if they’re not in my history tab.

EDIT: Here is the log of a successful connection compared to a banned connection.

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There has to be a fix for this…