'Connection Failed' when trying to join servers - Please assist!

I purchased Rust today and have been trying to get onto the servers, however whichever I attempt to join, I freeze on the ‘loading/connecting…’ grey screen with the ban warning in the bottom left corner. However after roughly a minute on this screen, it reverts back to the list of servers. The servers I have tried to join appeared in my history but so far I haven’t been able to play in a single one.

I have searched for a thread on this topic, and whilst I have found a few, most of them seem to have been during the DDOS attacks, and I just want as close to a definitive answer as I can get.

When I bring up the Console with F1, the messages are:

> > net.connect
> Connecting to
> Connecting to server…
> ConnectionFailed

If anyone could shed any light on the situation, or give me any advise, it would be very much appreciated!