'Connection Failed' when trying to join servers - Please assist!

I purchased Rust today and have been trying to get onto the servers, however whichever I attempt to join, I freeze on the ‘loading/connecting…’ grey screen with the ban warning in the bottom left corner. However after roughly a minute on this screen, it reverts back to the list of servers. The servers I have tried to join appeared in my history but so far I haven’t been able to play in a single one.

I have searched for a thread on this topic, and whilst I have found a few, most of them seem to have been during the DDOS attacks, and I just want as close to a definitive answer as I can get.

When I bring up the Console with F1, the messages are:

> > net.connect
> Connecting to
> Connecting to server…
> ConnectionFailed

If anyone could shed any light on the situation, or give me any advise, it would be very much appreciated!


the same is happening to me, I tried everything but I couldn’t solve it

Check your firewall settings, disable windows firewall and run RUST as an administrator (full privileges). Set exception for your virus protection if you have one or disable it while playing RUST. See if that helps.

disable firewall and your antivirus once and try to connect

Post a screenshot of your console please.

Here is a screenshot, I hope I have attached it correctly! Thanks for your responses, firewall is currently turned off to no avail, any thoughts?

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Doesn’t look like I attached it properly, so I have just put the link in here instead.