Connection Failed

Hey all So i have instal the rust on my pc and when i try to conenct to server it kick me out and it is saying connection failed

So can anyone help me ?

Ps:sry for bad english

(User was permabanned for this post ("pirated rust" - postal))

Well from that screen shot, your using an outdated version of the game and still trying to play.
If your using a hacked version, well go pay the 14.62€ for the damn game! Then we can help you.

I can help you: buy the game, you fucking idiot.

lol I see your awake now Jonny

Sure am, haven’t even had breakfast yet.

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And my fish is going crazy over here, I guess she wants breakfast.

But wait! Give it the chance to claim that it won’t update/it used a stock screenshot as an example/its from its pet possums cracked version/etc. We need to hear the other side first.

The other side is he wants to cheat but not get caught :v:

What cheat Noob go fuck yourself

Show us your Steam account, please?

i download this game from internet bicase i dont hawe any credit card to pay the game if i coud pay the game i woud buy it if i ask my mom or dad they will just say shut up

I would say the same thing. Shut up.

You should get a job and an english course while you’re at it.

And thank you for outing yourself. Piracy, even if “you plan to buy it” isn’t tolerated here. Or is this your possum talking?

No for real i dont have money tu buy the game i woud buy it i want to buy cs go but nothing i dont lie i just want to play te game if i coud buy it with phone i woud but i dont have credit card

No money, no game. thats the way the world works.

You don’t have the money for a game, but you have the money for a computer capable of playing Rust? Yeah, no.

I have heard that you can buy the game by the phone but i dont know much about it

Never heard anything about that, but I am guessing it would still cost money in the form of it being added to the phone bill or something. In other words, money you apparently still don’t have.

You heard wrong. Go get a Steam account, and buy the game, or tell your parents you will pay them back when you have some money, don’t steal software.

No bro i dont lie i woud buy the game but i dont have credit card