Connection is banned? (I did absoloutely nothing!)

Here is a screenshot of what happened…:frowning:

prob cuz your playing games from a mac. id ban you too tbh lol. srsly though, no idea… u sure you didnt cheat? btw i thought this game only works on pcs atm!

Nope, mac has unity so it works! And no, i did not hack at all. (in fact this is my first time logging in and playing)

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Anyone else getting this?

im getting this first time playing on it and i was just trying it on my mac but it wont work on my pc also

Wait you’re getting this too?

just got it first time trying to play didnt buy key

You naught the key or got it off a key gen. Either way u getting the ban stick have fun with it!!

Well i bought an account of a guy…so i guess i shouldn’t expect to keep it :frowning:

(User was banned for this post ("got banned on alt, stop making alts" - postal))

(User was banned for this post ("I told you to stop making alts already. Next is permaban." - postal))

how did i get the ban stick if i didnt even play it yet