Connection Lost during gameplay.

I am able to play games like battlefield 4 with no connection lost 64 player lobby.

My description for the issue is:
no console errors,
ping range from 70-100 ms,
able to download all custom workshop items from server(s),
and I am able to play for about 60 seconds then the connection would get lost.

Any advice/suggestions?

Is this on a specific server or is it any server?

No, just any server. I am not sure why this happens, I hoping maybe its a filter or something. When I join the server I lose connection and the server is no longer available to me but they are still active.

could be a firewall in your residence?

Have you reset your router and your computer since you started having this issue?

I did reset my router and still same effect, tried wireless and wired connections to see if that had any kind of effect. But for my firewall I basically have it all disabled to test if it would work and it didn’t. I also made sure Garry’s Mod was not being blocked by my computer’s default firewall. I am using AVG as my anti-virus.(If this matters any).

Can i see the servers ip addresses when it happens please - WW2 server and a bunch of other sandbox servers. Just joined them from the server browser and not the legacy one.

verify game cache