Connection to servers! Cant Connect? Can Connect? Post Any Info or Errors IN HERE!

So as many people are having issues with the servers, I thought a post for the Devs to see, with any info in one place would be helpful. So post if you have any info or errors, that could help solve this issue.

For me as a server owner, we had a couple of big lag spikes, and then the server crashed. Tried restarting it multiple times, and performing a steam update on the server. I personally can not connect to any servers.

They need to push the update out a little early the game isnt playable now

read the forum before post steam servers down

Hello Johnsonn,

you said 1:1 the things customers from me were experiencing in the last 30 minutes, first lagg lagg lagg => crash => no connection to any server

Well after my 6th attempt of connecting it went through. Problem was at that point - nothing worked. Boxes wouldn’t open, doors would stay closed, and could not unsheathe weapon or pickaxe.

Steam servers I suppose are having problems today.

It’s because damn Left 4 Dead 2 Free weekend -.-

i got left for dead 2 but did not even start it coz i wanna play rust more :stuck_out_tongue: