The problem started 2 days ago at around 5pm. I tried connecting to my friends server and my Garry’smod just shuts down and pops up a (“HL2.EXE”) error. It pops up right when the “retrieving info” text shows up and then it freezes back to the “parsing info” and then the Garry’smod just shuts down. So I asked my friend who owns that server, and he said that he didn’t install any mods while I was away from the server. So I went to Google, Youtube and I didn’t find any solutions. I tried these following things:
-Defragment Garry’smod
-Veryfying Garry’smod Files
-Defragment the WHOLE computer
-On the Garry’smod on start options I added “-dxlevel8” and also tried “-dxlevel80”.
We tried many solutions, he even deleted/uninstalled some mods/addons and I still could not connect. But the other servers from other server hosts work all fine.

Looking for a successful fix!