Conrad Verner

I, in my infinite wisdom, have judged that Gmod needs moar Conrad Verner. I think if everyone had Conrad Verner for Gmod, the world would be a better place.

For those not in the know, Verner was your groupie in Mass Effect, and you went on all sorts of adventures with him, from signing autographs to having pictures taken of you. There has to be a model made of him so that it can be ragdolled or player modeled or any of that good stuff.

I don’t know, someone can make an SNPC of him that follows you around and asks for autographs.

Agree with me that this guy should be a squad mate in ME2.


Though extracting ME models is proven challenging though, The textures Really don’t look very good when they come out, something about blending in numerous texture maps into the RGB channels of the textures, I saw a Geth model with the texture of something you’d see after smoking too much weed.

Then maybe someone could make an original. I’ve seen plenty of ME models on facepunch, so I can’t imagine that it would be THAT hard.

We can get the models easy the textures though not as easy :S

would it be easier to make a custom texture?