Conscience Round - A Drama miniseries, Part I

Holy shit! PH Is here! Quick! Look busy!

Nah seriously. I’ve been doing crazy shit (like starting a blog that you should totally visit) and haven’t been around, I know. My apologies all around.

Anyway, remember that old comic I did, “Eyes of a God”, which was the background story for a Vampire:The Masquerade character? Well, I’m trying something similar here with a new vampire character. It probably won’t be as long as EOAG.

I hope to continue E-SCAPE soon as well.


Not bad at all, I like it. Will follow this series if you continue.

Also, it’s nice to see you back around.

Posing needs some work, but an interesting plot none the less. The writing can’t decide if it’s verbose or brief, though.

this is really interesting do continue and great work