Conscript Infantry Lookouts


Looking into ways to fix the helmets situation (which are not present in the picture, so I have no clue why I am even typing this).

I like the posing on the left-guy.

Nice screen mate.


Disappointed, I am, that this is down here. :confused:

With one reply, no less.

Well it’s pretty nice, but a bit boring. Looks like another one of “those” pics :saddowns:

Too boring.
Mass Effect isnt really interesting IMO.

I see what you are saying.

Awesome, I can be catagorized.

I’m not so good at doing ‘action effects’ like muzzleflashes and shit, but I’ll see what I can cook up over my five day break. If I am not too preoccupied with Mass Effect 2, Fallout 3 and Bioshock 2.

Try a few times, and I bet you’ll be making the best ME/other sci-fi war poses after that.

Really like it :smiley:


Optimism :v:

Nice, posing is superb but the angle makes it look like the guy on the right is leaning.

Beautifully posed, angled, and lit.
Where ya been… um Ben?

I’ve been here… I guess. Just haven’t posted anything since I had nothing worth posting. Except shit. Shit posting. Like this. Plus, the next thread.

Soon as I finish up the assignments I have to do, I will conjure up something that will hopefully satisfy (to say the least) the more blood thirsty members critics.

Maybe more Psy-Cops and Vortigaunt Chronicles.

Pretty sweet.

latex bondage alien force, regroup should have been the thread title.

Thread title is a subtle hint to something else.

I never seem to be able to keep my mouth shut. I’ve alluded too much.