Conscripts Arresting Citizens

That’s cool. Although, the citizen’s pose is very strange and unnatural. It would have been a good idea to use the Enhanced Citizen’s or edit the physics files to improve the ragdoll.

It’s okay. The whole thing feels grainy though and the composition is incredibly dull.

Posing isn’t that great, looks too unnatural. The soldiers themselves also look VERY unnatural, with them all doing very random poses.

i really don’t like those super loose physics

it makes it so god damned hard to make things look natural

I agree, I’m not the best poser but I still find them almost impossible to work with.

People usually don’t look natural when beem arrest on the floor :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good, but as ChestyMcGee said, to much grain.

Really? I find them a pleasure to work with. The original cit models are terrible.

Like I said, I’m not the best poser, what separates me from the noobs is that I don’t bother to upload them onto Facepunch and go “THIS IZ MY FIRST PIC, NO CRITICIZM I DONT LIKE!”

True, but this looks unnatural even for that.

True, but if you’re patient enough you can get some good enough posing.