Conscripts Retreat After Raiding an Enemy Base (Scenebuild)


And if anybody wants to edit it, go right ahead.

The quality looks a bit low, but the posing is superb. It’s hard to pose running people, but you did it. I am in envy.


And may I ask, where did you get the props for the scenebuild? DOD?

Nice models and posing, but crappy camera angle.

Thanks, I may build on that in the future. The quality does look a tad shitty, is there a way I can change that?

As for the models, they’re mostly ports from L4D 1 and L4D 2, the buildings in the background are made from some props from HL2 and this model pack.

Yeah I was afraid of that, any way I could have improved it?

Here is my attempt at editing it, I’m pretty new to this, so don’t expect much. Nice pose by the way.

Nice, the fire actually seems to look better in your edit. But I’m sure it would have made more sense if I choase a better angle.

Awfully low amount of replies…


Use jpeg_quality 100 in console for hi-res shots :c00l: