Consequence [Interactive]

I need to get my butt in gear. I need something to do to fight off my boredom.

So, yes. I need some practice, obviously. And I need this because I find that I have nothing to do. I hope to update at least three times a week, if not more. Help to improve would be great, guys. Yes I overdid the grass I’ll tone it down next time.

And please be serious with the suggestions. This is a serious attempt at a serious story and a serious attempt to seriously improve so I can pose seriously. Got it?

Arm yourself somehow.

As harmless as Odessa looks, you can never tell in the crazy-ass future.

For future reference, glowy text is the main character’s thoughts. Only he gets glowy text. All other dialogue is non-glowy.

EDIT: No, he does not have amnesia. What’s his name?

Mark Kinson

Neville Roberts.

Also I like where this is going. Wanted to try one of these myself, actually.
Maybe after this one runs its course.


Get creative guys. Also note that you only control Mark. No one else. Mark can yell out commands, however.

EDIT: And I’m sorry that the pace changed suddenly. I was trying to get more people to take a look at the comic? After all, I’ll only continue granted that you show interest.
EDITEDIT: Argh. Typo on third image. It’s “outside,” not “ouside.”

Duck into behind the car while yelling “Take cover!”, then open the box to see if there’s anything that you can use as a weapon.

Sorry to disappoint but Mark’s box just has food in it. And don’t do anything hasty, one Marauder has a knife in Pete’s face and the other one has a gun aimed at nearly point blank.
Sorry, I need to make the comic more easy to understand. I’ll work on that next time.

Distract the guards by throwing the box and shout: “Grenade!”, then tell Pete to fill them with lead.

Have Mark hand the Marauders the box, while they rummage through it, have Mark tell Odessa to fire a couple rounds into the Marauder with the gun while he is off guard.

That sounds familiar… Ah, well. I tried my best at this without making it look like a ripoff from that one part from Madman: The Game.

Ohgod Mark looks awful in the last panel. Though to be honest the entire thing looks pretty cruddy right now.
Also, smudge tool for the… win, I guess? :pseudo:

Scavenge stuff.
Don’t kill him! Shoot em in the leg & patch it up to immobilize em.
Prepare 5 m of copper wire.
Cute the wire in half
Find 2 pincets or any common metal material.
Find tape.
Sharpen the metal material using their knives.
Tape each wire on a metal sharp piece
Use the tape to tie him to a chair.
Stick the 2 pieces in both sides of his torso (relatively deep)
Go to the hydro plant. Find any powered circuit of DC. High volts.
Wire him to it. Throw switches on & off whilst asking him to report marauder outposts!
Do this for as long as you can.
Don’t forget to make the subject wet to avoid bad smells.

Btw, don’t worry about your posing, it’s quick & that’s what we need, our imagination does the rest.

Mark’s an average dude. For now, anyway. I’m planning for character development. But right now, Mark probably wouldn’t even have a thought like that cross his mind.

He can, however, scavenge stuff and interrogate the Marauder the good old fashioned way. Could you settle for that?
Agree for “Do it,” disagree for “My way or the highway/Let’s wait for more suggestions?”

EDIT: Busy school week this week. I should also lay off on the frequent updates; I don’t want to run myself dry too quickly.

You should have given them the rations, and shot them when they had their backs turned

Normally I’d condemn interactive comics because they have become the staple medium for poor writers and shitty posers but this is actually a worthy comic. I am intrigued to see how far you can go with this and I may as well get involved myself.

Hopefully as the comic progresses your posing will improve with more and more practice. Some better editing for the dialogue would be nice to. I understand you try to make “glowing” text for thoughts but maybe try something a little more obvious? Wrap a box around the text for thoughts, for example.

Keep at it.

Knock out the marauder and get +1 good karma for not killing him.

Yes, Mark can and will change during our adventure. Hence the name of the comic. And no, you won’t have to see that ugly status menu, unless it’s the end of a noteworthy event, or if you ask me to.

The personality thing is like a slider. For example, Cruelty/Kindness. Under 100, Mark leans towards being more cruel. Over 100, and Mark will tend to be more kind. This is going to affect future moments in the comic where you will not be able to tell Mark what to do, like “cutscenes” (lack of a better word.) When everything is at 100, that is, completely neutral, Mark will NOT do much on his own.

What shall Mark and Pete do now?

EDIT: Yesh, approval get! Any comment makes me want to continue, remember that, guys.
EDITEDIT: Noooo I forgot to say Mark had a combat knife in his inventory now.

look for a car if it broken try fixing it

I agree you couldn’t pose all the stuff I asked, didn’t expect as well, just testing how much you would do for the crowd XD.
Anyways I sugest Pete & Mark take a rest.
They had a tough day (nearly died or loss of rations).
At the coffee table they discuss their plans for the assault on the house.