Consequence of a failed strike from Rebels (1024x768)

Made on Apr 9th 2011, lastest work, all in-game

Give me advices and rate it

Don’t use NPC’s, or if you didn’t, don’t duplicate so much.
I highly doubt they would have created an arena, so I dislike the walls.
And is it just me or is there a sort of fisheye to this? That should be changed.

Metrocops aren’t in the uprising though.

No fish were killed in the making of this image…

why are there 4 helicopters just hovering there

You don’t need to announce the image resolution in your thread title, just so you know.

Do your graphics full and don’t use NPC. Trust me, I’m The Doctor.

The things that were actually posed aren’t… horrible. Just stay away from NPCs and maybe you’ll be good.

There are, but they only pop up in a few places - In the first few segments of the City 17 Uprising in HL2, and again during the escort mission in Episode 1.

Most of the metrocops are dead by the time Gordon and Alyx come back to City 17, probably because they’re inferior compared to the Overwatch Soldiers.