Considering creating a server.

Pros and cons? What makes it worth 20 dollars and how do you create a player base for it? Also I wouldn’t want it to be a standard pvp/sleeper name. xD Thoughts and such?

There are already 2000 servers its hard to build a player base just find one that has the options you want with decent admins

But I don’t want to have decent admins, i want to be the admin xD

Player base comes over time, the most you can do is invite all your friends who play and hope enough people stick out the low population until more people show up.

I agree, I started a server the night before the attacks started against the game… Whenever the server would come back online it would fill with people rather quickly, but only because it was one of the few servers that was actually online.
You can post a server ad in the Rust Servers subforum, bump it once a day, a few people should filter in, frankly I’m a fan of smaller servers anyways.