Considering Downgrading GMod Server

So my server hasn’t been getting a lot of traffic lately, and my VPS provider just put out a new dirt cheap plan that would half the monthly cost of it. I’m wondering if the specs will be good enough to host a small server.

CURRENT SPECS ($10/month):

1 CPU Core

The cheaper plan ($5/month):

1 CPU Core

I’m not sure if running a server on 1GB of RAM would result in any performance losses, but it does sound a bit low for me to be comfortable with.
My server caps at maybe 16 people at its highest points, so would this be a good idea to downgrade?

GMod only uses one core, we want clock speed not core count, and uses very 64mb of memory by default, with a hard coded max of 2048mb if I am not mistaken. If the 20 gigs is enough to hold all your addons and such then the cheaper plan would be just fine.

it should be fine for a smaller server, anything over 12 ish players on sandbox in my experience hits around ~700mb memory usage depending on your addons.

eh, i’d say that’s a little low, vanilla maybe but i wouldn’t be surprised to see a few hundred megabytes of usage depending on how you run your server.


Linode if i’m not mistaken?

the engine uses 64mb by default, mem_max_heapsize_dedicated, 256mb for mem_max_heapsize used by clients only I believe, and 64mb for datacachesize (max 512mb).
I’m not sure how GMod handles addons but i’m pretty sure the excess memory being allocated is just addon related stuff.

If you are allowed only 1 gig to run both the OS and a server, and the OS is windows, I would consider keeping the more expensive plan.

I personally would not downgrade, 10 bucks a month isn’t all that expensive but then again, I would never rent a server from someone else.

It’s a VPS, so they let you choose what OS you want to install by default. I chose Debian, heard it’s a great server OS, having no problems with it so far. Linode also has a great data migration tool that transfers all of your data to a new plan/VPS if you choose to upgrade/downgrade.

Ehhh no.

One core is used for engine logic/world & one core is used for networking. (If available)

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