Considering getting a lua book, which one should I get?

I was thinking of getting this one:
(site is dutch, just ignore it)
But I was wondering if you guys would reccomend a different one?


PiL is the best.

Neem gewoon de PiL.

Pil samen met de GMod wiki voor voorbeelden.

Stop talking in Dutch :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to keep going to google translate :frowning:

Dutch rules :smiley:

Yes, the pil one is the best to read. verdient mij niet.

I read the pils first chapter, I guess it explains it pretty well. Thanks!
For Offline Reading :smiley:

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Ja de pil is de beste oplossing, je kan ook een beetje rondkijken op de GMod wiki enzo. Daar zijn ook een heleboel tutorials. :c00l:

Would a mod move this to the dutch custom forums? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want a hard copy, either get Programming in Lua Second Edition or the reference manual.

And that’s only if you feel a need to get them, since the first edition of PIL is free online and the reference manual online is free.

Off-topic: :wtc: is your avatar?

On-topic: I agree, but it’d be helpful if you also read the GMod wiki tutorials a few times to get familiar with the basic functions.