Consistent Crashing

Don’t know if I should put this here or in the help section, as a dump file is something that developers look at.

I keep crashing on a specific server I’ve been playing for 3 years. After the recent Garry’s Mod update, everything on the server got fucked, and it kept crashing all the time. It was due to that new NWVars thing. The owner fixed the crashing, and a lot of the bugs the update brought, and everyone was able to play fine. Then just out of the blue, tons of us are getting crashing (The kind of crash where the game just instantly closes without a message).

Here’s the last Dump from several minutes ago. I joined the server, then my game just instantly closed. Sometimes I can get in and play for a bit, then it just randomly closes just like this. More times than not, however, it just closes as soon as Sending Client Info finishes.

i7-4770 Stock
10GB DDR3-1600

Does it do it on other servers or just the owners? Because if it’s just the owners then there is nothing the players can do about it.