Consistent Disconnect after 30 Sec

After selecting a server, and logging into it, about 30 seconds goes by and then I’m just abruptly disconnected. Doesn’t matter which server I try. I’m not banned, nor do I run any hacks or cheats. Anyone else having this problem ? Any suggestions ?

Same problem, usually disconnects within 30 seconds, if it doesn’t it will gradually gain lag before eventually dc’ing.

There’s a lot of EAC kicking recently, most likely that’s the issue. Unless the server owners set 0 to disable EAC there’s not much you can do, other then find a server that has that set.

Thanks for the reply. Doesn’t the EAC disconnect message indicate it as an EAC disconnect? Console indicates a timeout disconnect. Other online games work also shows me with 20ping and 0 packet loss & jitter.

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I dont think it is a EAC disconnect, I’m starting from steam and console doesn’t indicate anything about that. I notice the game using much more ram than previously, and it continues to grow, from 2g upto 4g - is that normal?