Console Command Only Acces with Rcon

How can i make an Console command that only can be acces if the player know’s the Rcon?

like we do …

rcon = FunnyCode
rcon_password FunnyCode
rcon sv_cheats 1

Eh? why not just check if the persone trying to run the command is a invalid entity

Beacuse i wanna know if he’s know the password … -.-’
so he can set’s his own rank to owner :wink:

You can’t. You need a list of players who have access to that command instead.

iknow that we can do it!!!
i just don’t know the way…

concommand.Add(“myconcommand”, function(ply, _, args)
if args[1] == “mypassword” then


Read that to your self.

concommand.Add(“wut”, function(p,c,a)
if not( IsValid§ ) then
– Coming from server.
– Do shit.

Wouldn’t that work?

it’s beacuse i am creating a new admin system…

so i wanna do like in assmod, like the owner set’s his rank by the console … :slight_smile:

Yeah if you want to be exploited.

Same idea as me , but i now thinking at it , if somone joining has a cfg to run it while joining , Exploit

Again what are you doing here? You don’t know what you’re talking about.

omfg dont you know how to read a post with-out answering have way though reading it?

CFG’s run when the player is valid.

run it befor joining , add loads of waits in the file , join a server with correct timing

What an effective method. :neckbeard:

o.0 your stalking me just posting random stuff now

How is that random stuff? I quoted you and said in great sarcasm how effective your method was, are you really that blind?

I’m pretty sure you just don’t know what he’s even talking about, he’s correcting you.
Saying your method sucks, and there are way better ones.
And the fact that you don’t accept to be criticized by anyone.

Please don’t crash GMod when trying to exploit a server!


In all seriousness, commands are only accepted by the server if the player is valid.

  1. Everyone’s load speed is different and it’s also different depending on the server 2. Wait is still broken. All I can think of right now