Console command send info to server

How would I get a client to press a number key (slot 1) and then the server side is told to do something, And I also need the server to know who pressed it. Any way of doing it?

Hello? I really need this done.

I think you mean you want something to happen server side when a player presses a button that’s an item client side?

If so then you can do this:

This when you press the button or w.e client side

This needs to be server side
function SomethingServerSide(ply, command, args)
–The ply arg represents the player who called the command
–The command arg is the command string
–The args parram is actualy a table that holds all the arguments
–Ex. local numberOfBullets = args[1]
concommand.Add(“runsomtinserverside”, SomethingServerSide)

Best of luck