console command to make it night?

Hey guys, is there a console command to make it night in GMod?
Running latest one, 10 I think…
Great hardware, blah blah

Anyway, I google and even skimmed through this site

and didn’t find it, dunno may have missed it.

I did install this add-on:

I’m guessing not, since the guy is using LUA?


I wish. sorry, but there isnt.

Sigh, that sets me back a LOT now :S
I knew I should have signed up to the forums a lot earlier…
Ah well, it happens, thanks a bunch for the quick reply!

No command to make it night. However, you can download night maps:

And more in this search:

Also, I messed around with options, and if you choose color and mess with the settings you can make it sort of ‘dark’…

I’ll check those maps out.
Awesome, this forum is very helpful and quick

Edit: Yo, both links are the same heh

Oops. Sorry. XD

I meant as the second link:

Wait a minute, once my friend found a way to CHANGE the skybox texture of any map. Not sure if it’ll clear the lights, but at least the sky…

Found it! The command is sv_skyname. Not sure about the usage, though, probably like this:

sv_skyname sky_borealis01

Here’s a list of all the sky names:

Try changing the skybox BEFORE load the map. If it doesn’t work, load the map, change the skybox and then restart the map. (try both restart or changelevel to the same level, one of them WILL work, i’m sure. And if you’re hosting a match, people will also see the sky changed. I remember to join gm_flatgrass at my friend’s match, and the sky was dark)

If you see a missing texture instead of the sky you choosed, you probably don’t have installed the game which uses it.

If you combine this trick with that weather addon, you’ll probably get close of what you want.

EDIT: Found a way which you can also mess with the lights of the map, but i don’t have a flying clue of how to use it correctly, here’s the documentation, good luck:

Still, i also DO recommend you download night maps instead of messing on cvars for that.

Here’s some night maps i like: (It looks day on the pics, but also include the night one)

But my personal favourite ones will ALWAYS be THESE ones, HIGHLY recommend download it:

The house on the second one it’s just one of the most beautiful insland houses i’ve seen.

Check out an awesome gmod video made on the megastruct map one:

I tried all alternatives on the sky, but failed at all attempts :confused:

The light entity, is I believe used while making maps (I used to use Hammer back in the day of HL1), dunno if it can be edited while playing an actual map, would be sweet.
edit: don’t think it was called hammer then… i think it had a diff name :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the links to the bsps!!! The creators should be architects heh

You can make it seem like it is night using pp_bloom_darken and fiddling with the contrast settings.

Yes! After tweaking for a good while, I found the perfect combo to make it look almost like night.

Thanks guys


Also, actually combining light sources in certain areas and tweaking the light/contrast creates a nice effect