console command to show map names?

This may sound stupid, but is there a console command that shows the name of the skybox in the map you have loaded? I’m trying to find out what the name of the skybox is in a custom map with sfm, and I’d rather not download hammer to do this one thing.


Look at the sky and type mat_crosshair. That should work.

Just comes up with ‘hit material “tools oolsskybox”’

Tried mat_crosshair_edit as well, which opened it up in vtfedit but I didn’t get a name.

your best bet would be to decompile the map and look in the map properties to see which skybox it uses.


What map are you using? Someone might actually know.

mat_texture_list 1

it opens up a browser that shows all of the textures used by the current map. scroll around until you find the skybox.