Console Commands given to users.

Is there a way to give certain console commands to a certain usergroup. Like, I have a TTT server and i want certain people (me and friends) who are responsible to have the ability to have unlimited punchometer (just to goof around), is there a way to give these types of these that you can change through console to certain usergroups? ((or just people in general)I using ulx also). For example in the console for my server, ttt_spec_prop_rechargetime is like, .50. However I want me and my friends to have ttt_spec_prop_rechargetime 0, so we have instant recharge time. Is this possible? Thanks.

It is possible, but it involves lua coding. ttt_spec_prop_rechargetime is probably a server-side console command, which means it cannot be changed for a single user with that very command, but it can be done in other ways.

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